Inspiring Words to New Graduates

Image from Hey Success.

Image from Hey Success.

June 15, 2015

Quote By Dr. Tyra OldhamLANDsds Sustainable Voice News


Graduates have accomplished a milestone in their lives to be congratulated. This milestone encompasses changes, challenges and new insights about the world. Graduation marks the crossing over to adulthood, leaving home and/or moving away from the hallowed grounds of the micro-culture of a college where familiarity is a part of the day-to-day journey. Graduates are saying goodbye to the protected halls of education.

With graduation there is a new-found freedom that has been granted with a level of responsibility attached.  So get ready!

It was asked by a reader to share my thoughts with new graduates going to work. I am honored to give some points of wisdom. This is a great topic to share with the graduates of today because young people have grown up where social attention is the word of the day and competition is minimized.The world is competitive and some graduates have felt the comfort of kind voices and some have experienced the goal of performance. No matter your experience be open to work. work will be much of your day and life experience so I say enjoy your work and feed your life. This requires income, shelter and transportation.

Well get ready because the world is competitive and often people give things to one or a few despite there are resources that could be shared more fruitfully. The world is competitive and some graduates have felt the comfort of kind voices and some have experienced the goal of performance. No matter your experience be open to work.  Work will be much of your day and life experience so enjoy your work and feed your life.

Also, the world of work is a new creature using data, social mobility, retirement is not guaranteed and being smart-skilled is key. Consider, the degree of today may not have the cache’ of yester year. Work adn interviews are shaped by the innovation of technology and content. This innovation  has placed the graduate in a marketing quandary where they are always an open brand to be viewed and possibly dissected.

The graduate of today must first cleanup and clear up their social media content for the career they seek. Make your content strategic and clear.  Write as if the world is reading because they are. Remember, your parents may forgive but employers are less forgiving.

Be clear and strong as you search for good-to-great work. One job often leverages the next and when you look back each job was the making of the chain called your career. Your career is defined by you the worker and the employer seeking your experience. So what would I suggest to today’s graduates is the following:

  1. Be clear of your gifts, skills and opportunities. Write them down so they are a part of your tool box. Remember your accomplishments from school.
  2. Define and understand who is in your ecosystem or network. One connection could land you in the office of your goals.
  3. Always work. It is better to not have wholes in your employment history. Work keeps you sharp.
  4. Always remember to rest. You cannot achieve if you are to exhausted to give.
  5. Always remember to breath in good or challenging times. Breathing relaxes and soothes the body and mind.
  6. Always work because bills never stop. Be responsible for your life.
  7. Do not be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone for employment. The greatest opportunity may lie where you least expect.
  8. Always work hard despite the reward. You never know who is watching.
  9. Your degree may not lead you to your job but can be the platform for your success.
  10. Trust yourself. Others may urge you to go safe. Go forward always.
  11. Do not be afraid to be pushed or receive feedback. Take all feedback and process it to decide what is useful.
  12. Seek a job or the route of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a great road. Be ready for the long hours and challenges.
  13. Always ask in a straight forward respectful tone for what you want. My father told me when I was a child to always ask for yes because if you receive “no” you never had it anyway. No is not failure but to move forward.
  14.  Stay current and be a constant and consistent learner. You never know what conversation will lead to your opportunity.
  15. Master your résumé but first learn to master yourself. You will sell yourself for the rest of your life until your accomplishments over shadow the need.
  16. Be bold not matter if your shy or awkward. Use your personality to your benefit. Consider who you are and find work in a culture that acknowledges or celebrates your skills.
  17. Go to the place that gives you success. There is a place that is attracted to your gift. This place maybe far from home – go anyway!
  18. Always seek to give value. Your family loves you and you hope to receive respect from your colleagues.  Remember you are not to world what you are to your family at least not yet as you begin your life’s journey.
  19. Keep your eye’s open for gaps and then offer solutions.
  20. Life is more than work. stay healthy because time goes very fast.
  21. Find great friends and mentors to give you fire. Your family may not reflect your zest. You have to find people who inspire you to your greatness.
  22. Remember all yes’ are not really yes. Make sure you assess the yes.
  23. Last learn to do what you do best and share responsibility with those can do the rest. Never shy from learning. Time is precious and must be valued – don’t push the rock uphill.

Graduates you are off to a new world despite your mind that tells you that you know it all. Everyone achieves at different rates of speed and your only competition with yourself. You may look at Mark Zuckerberg as a role model but there is only one Mark. Define who you are?  You have to find your greatness to be shared.

Be willing to fail and then bounce forward.  The term used is to  bounce back. I say bounce forward for momentum with your new-found learning. In the end life is a series of ups and downs surrounded by relationships you can honor experienced all the while acting in good character.

We work for income, shelter and transportation. Some are fortunate or blessed to work their passion, some work for money and others work seeking both. You choose!

It took me time to learn this but always toot your own horn but stay humble enough to know when you need to grow and expand. Life is not static so keep thinking and moving but remember there are times to be still and think.

It would not be wise to overlook the pearls of wisdom to always put money aside for yourself. This money is your safety net called, retirement and or your big idea fund. You work for pay so pay yourself.

Understand the value of money and people. Your income or paycheck for some is purely financial and for some socioeconomic where pay is not as important as life. Value both philosophies and live your goals.  What ever your choice, live life fully and understand the world is big and yet small enough to engage it fully. I say at the end be respectful and move toward your greatness and always take people with you. It can be lonely alone.


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One comment on “Inspiring Words to New Graduates
  1. Tiffany Thompson, MSW says:

    Above all on your list, I think my biggest issue is a lack of networking support and mentorship. One has to know someone to get a foot in the door. Thanks for the tips.

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