Because here what I know.

It doesn’t look like that now.  And it won’t look like that tomorrow or next week.

Just like the caterpillar doesn’t yet resemble the butterfly it will become in the end,  we have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable view of our business at the beginning and along the way.

Every step contributes.  Every leaf the caterpillar eats helps it become the butterfly.

Today, this is what your business looks like while it is becoming the business it will be.  Today, this is what you look like while you are becoming the success you will be.

Allow yourself to celebrate all the little ways you are moving toward your own success.  Know every small success is essential.  Know it won’t look like a butterfly until it is one, but that doesn’t make every day as a caterpillar important.

A business man I was meeting with today who is building a big business said this to me, “Everything is crucial, and nothing matters.”

Let go of your need for the end result to be obviously on it’s way.  Feed your faith, starve your fear, and get busy moving, inextricably, toward your big beautiful wings.