This is not aha moment but clear.  Women buy sneakers and athletic clothing. “Nike sees women as a hugely important part of its customer base. The company believes its women’s line could add $2 billion of additional sales by 2017.

And to make sure that happens, Nike has just invested in its biggest ever advertising push targeting women. Nike’s #BetterFotIt campaign debuted with a 60-second ad, created by Wieden+Kennedy, during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.

Unlike other Nike campaigns, which usually focus on already-accomplished athletes, the idea of this push is to encourage women to challenge themselves, even when they’re at the beginning of their fitness journeys and way out of their comfort zone.

Alongside the TV ads, Nike is also encouraging women to share their experiences on social media, using the #BetterForIt hashtag, and it has launched a “90-day better for it challenge” which combines workouts from the Nike+ Training Club App and the Nike+ Running app.”

The push for me is to show how big corporate campaigns can feed the wallets and pocketbooks of women. The ability to consumerize women is the opposite direction of need. The need is to advance capital and a power platform where women can believe they can “Just Do It” and have the means to do.

I wish to teach organizations that they can win in profit and do the right thing to build voice and equity that further drives profit. Need help? Nike I love to give you a plan to build up women!