Wind Power Conference 2013

Wind Power 2013 Conference in Chicago
Published April 10, 2013

WINDPOWER® 2013 is a fresh presentation of the best thinking and the brightest individuals in wind power.

 AWEA WINDPOWER 2013 Conference & Exhibition May 5-8, 2013 McCormick Place Convention Center 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60616 USA

WINDPOWER Shows You Value

WINDPOWER offers a number of ways for participants to save on their 3-day experience in Chicago. Discounted hotel rates at over 24 Chicago hotels until April 16 and AWEA Member Pricing for all registration passes. These offers are on top of the overall revised pricing options.

Education Program Teaches the Industry

Upgrade your industry knowledge base in conference sessions and be sure to participate in the General Sessions featuring leaders in the wind energy market. Learn More

Member Activities at WINDPOWER

WINDPOWER is a gathering point for AWEA Members and an excellent opportunity to learn more about what AWEA does on your behalf. The Solutions Hub at the AWEA Booth offers the latest updates regarding membership, industry analysis through Expert Hours and information about AWEA Committees or Working Groups.

WINDPOWER Video Contest

Submit a video detailing why you like wind power, and you may win a VIP trip to the conference. The top six videos will receive a prize and may be shown at the conference. Learn More

General Sessions Full Of Impactful Speakers

WINDPOWER General Sessions have an impressive line up of industry speakers, political champions, and corporate leaders. Don’t miss out on either day starting at 8:30am and open to all attendees. Learn More

New to WINDPOWER 2013: Leadership Power Hour

Meet executive-level leaders at their booths to discuss the industry, and answer questions. The list of participating companies is growing. Learn More

Plan Your 3 Days At WINDPOWER

The 3 day WINDPOWER 2013 education program supplies companies with real life solutions that are adaptable to the dynamic environment of the wind energy industry. See the Complete Schedule

Register Now
Use the links on the left to review detailed information on attendee and exhibitor registration including costs, registration options, networking events, as well as registration deadlines and policies.  Once ready to act, use the buttons below to register for the event.

Register by March 11, 2013 to benefit from the early bird registration rates! Rates will increase again after May 4, 2013 through on-site registration.  Interested in who is already registered?  Click here to see titles, company names, and types of companies who are currently registered for WINDPOWER.

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Gizmodo sleeping through impulse to channel surf. Language saves lives! Promote language

April 21, 2014:
-Grabbing a free ride to Hawaii as stow away.

April 7, 2014:
- Massive flooding in Birmingham, Alabama U.S. - India starts voting today. - In 2014, first racially integrated public prom in Wilcox County, Georgia rather than decades of private. - Prince George and family first royal trip to New Zealand.

March 31, 2014:
- Last day to register for national healthcare. has technology failures.

March 20, 2014:
-First Day of Spring!

March 14, 2014:
-Worldwide Sleep Day- Snooze!

March 10, 2014:
- Celebrating One Year Anniversary of LANDsds Sustainable News - The Nexuses! Hooray
- Honoring Women In History. Women's History Month.

March 4, 2014:
-Goodbye to Black History Month. -Freeze unfolding.

March 3, 2014:
- Snow impacting U.S. - Poor weather conditions leave many without power.
- 20 out of 50 states effected by weather today.
- D.C. in state of emergency. Federal agencies are closed.

February 26, 2014:
- "U.S. Chamber exec warns against overregulation of energy industry” may lead to economic downturn. - Top 50 Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities. - Coffee Tech: “Coffee Grounds Converted to Biomass Pellets”

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